Sunday, May 23, 2010

Basics of HTML- Lesson 1

Please read this carefully- in order for the page to show what I am trying to teach you I had to add * to each of my examples. If you were to do this for yourself and to practice, DO NOT USE * They do not belong in the angle brackets.
<*h1*>HTML basics<*/h1*>
<*p>Let's learn HTML together<*/p>
This is what that will look like without the * added

HTML basics

Let's learn HTML togehter

Does that make sense? I hope so, let me explain what I just did.
-The text between <*html> <*/html> Is the description of the web page.
-The text between <*body> <*/body> is the visible page content.
-The text between <*h1> <*/h1>  is displayed as a heading.
-The text between <*p> <*/p> is displayed as a paragraph.

Read over this, and soak it in a little, tomorrow we will move on with learning HTML...
HTML basics