Sunday, May 23, 2010

Basics of HTML- Lesson 1

Please read this carefully- in order for the page to show what I am trying to teach you I had to add * to each of my examples. If you were to do this for yourself and to practice, DO NOT USE * They do not belong in the angle brackets.
<*h1*>HTML basics<*/h1*>
<*p>Let's learn HTML together<*/p>
This is what that will look like without the * added

HTML basics

Let's learn HTML togehter

Does that make sense? I hope so, let me explain what I just did.
-The text between <*html> <*/html> Is the description of the web page.
-The text between <*body> <*/body> is the visible page content.
-The text between <*h1> <*/h1>  is displayed as a heading.
-The text between <*p> <*/p> is displayed as a paragraph.

Read over this, and soak it in a little, tomorrow we will move on with learning HTML...
HTML basics

HTML made easy as 1,2,3

Welcome to the ABC'S of HTML!
HTML Is very fun to learn and can get addicting once you get going!
First and foremost, what is HTML? HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language.
HTML uses markup tags to describe web pages. 
So that is a very simple opening explanation of HTML. 
HTML markup tags are also known as HTML tags. 
HTML keywords are surrounded by angle brackets.
*You will see these angle brackets in pairs, so if you would like to make a word bold you would put a B inside an angle brackets < > 
< > with your keyword in between.
This is fittingly referred to as opening tags and closing tags.
*Now that you know what HTML is and stands for, let's get started and learn some more about HTML and do some simple exercises.